Cedar Gulch is ranch on Mt Baker hwy 542 east bellingham washington. Mechanical bull rental is Seattle, corportate bull riding. Mechanical bull rental is for parties. Call John Evich.

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Nationwide and Canadian Mechanical Bull Rentals, Sales, Leasing. We Specialize in Interactive Marketing and Advertising.

Due to recent changes in insurance policies many operators now only have $100,000 coverage in liability, RentBull.com can offer $1,000,000 coverage and can increase to $2,000,000 if required!

New bulls available for purchase with
head, horns, and tail for as low as $13,500
Our main goal is the safest, best experience you can get out of riding a Mechanical Bull!

Rent bull.com has multiple top of the line Mechanical Bulls that can be rented for any event including: Festivals, Private or Corporate Events, Television and Film studio, or just plain having a good ol' time for guys and gals alike.

The Bulls

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We start off by padding the body of the bull with a dense, specially designed foam. It is three inches thick and covered with real bull hide (not some of those cheap imitation ones you find out there). We can also customize the hide and air bag with your colors, patterns , and corporate logos to match your needs. This makes the ride more realistic than the ones made from synthetics.

A bull head option is available, but by not adding the head or tail, it creates an added safety feature should you be bucked from it. For the occasional times you do get thrown we've placed a baffled 18.5' X 18.5' air bag that is 14.5" thick and perfectly flat to soften your landing. The design is set to protect a rider up to 250 pounds. The air bag is run with a constant high pressure direct drive air blower putting 680 CFM

The Mechanics are all Hydraulic. Pressures are run at a preset range for safety and performance. Electricals are set at U.L. code and inspected. The entire bull has been stress tested and meets if not exceeds all specifications for California rides and amusements as well as meeting any and all O.S.H.A. Standards.

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